Myles Heinrichs

Age: 5
Provincial Riding: Essex
My son Myles was diagnosed at 2 years old with Autism. We immediately started the process for funding therapy through the government, but we also decided to pay out of pocket while waiting. My husband and I understood how early intervention is crucial for kids on the spectrum. Myles started full time therapy at a private IBI school in Windsor, On. Myles made huge gains ! He went from never making eye contact, to looking so deep into our eyes that we can see his beautiful baby blues ! We paid a full year out of pocket until Myles name came up on the list for funding. When Myles started receiving funding for therapy it lifted a huge financial weight off our shoulders. Myles has been in funding for two years and we are still recovering from the thousands of dollars we put forward while waiting. Myles has been in funding for two years and is thriving ! He now communicates with a device, he knows how to sit with peers, he is potty trained and one of my favourites, he loves to engage with people. Myles has received early intervention and is a perfect example of how crucial time is for children to receive full time therapy at an early age. But also, just because Myles has made tramedous gains does not mean he has reached his full potential. He still needs therapy. He is starting elementary school in September, but there are still some things that an grade school teacher or an educational assistant can not teach Myles, but an IBI therapist can. We are going to be cut off from IBI therapy completely because I cannot afford to pay out of pocket anymore. Myles deserves a proper transition from therapy to elementary school. Myles is no verbal, and I am His voice . Myles deserves to reach his pull potential like all the children in Ontario do, it shouldn’t matter that Myles is learning at a different pace, what should matter is that Myles is learning!

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