Age: 11
Provincial Riding: Kanata - Carleton
This is my beautiful daughter, Molly. She is 11 years old. Molly was diagnosed with ASD at 4 years old. It was not a complete shock when the psychologist said the word “autism”, we had been seeing the signs for over a year.

Molly was considered too “high functioning” to receive IBI. Over 7 years, she has received 3, 6-8 week “blocks” of ABA therapy and two “blocks” of speech therapy through our local service provider (CHEO). We have been fortunate to have benefits to be able to supplement her therapy. In no way has it been enough. We worry everyday if we have failed her. Will she be independent as an adult? Will she live with us her whole life?

Molly is a delightful girl and she makes an impression on everyone she meets.

Currently, Molly has an EA with her at school for half of the day. She is doing so well at school with this support. We are terrified that she will lose this support once the changes to the OAP take effect and her school adds more ASD children who had been in therapy.

I feel gutted for my friends in the autism community who have children that will be thrown out of their life-changing therapy.

I beg Premier Ford, Minister MacLeod, MPP Fee to come back to the table and listen to stakeholders to come to a better solution for families with autistic children.

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