Age: 6
Provincial Riding: Kitchener Centre
He was diagnosed with ASD in October 16th of 2016. He has been waiting for services from the OAP since December of 2016. While the waiting was difficult I knew that when his time came up he would get the intensity/duration of services based on his need. On February 6th, 2019 that hope was ripped away. I feel like I have been thrown off a cliff. My child is considered high functioning; he is fully verbal and has no cognitive deficits. Despite the fact that he can read two grades above his grade level and can whiz around a math problem with amazing accuracy he still struggles. He can be aggressive and has trouble functioning in school without a great deal of help. He does not understand social cues from his peers and is unable to form meaningful friendships despite the fact that he has the biggest heart; he tells me he loves me about 100 times a day!!! I had hoped that we could tackle these issues with ABA therapy from the OAP but now it will be impossible to get him the kind of help that would be actually impactful. He is six years old and I already have him on the vulnerable persons registry with the police because I am afraid that one day he will have an aggressive interaction with law enforcement. Does the Ford Government know how heartbreaking it is to hear your child tell you that their Amygdala (which is the emotional processing center of the brain) has been hijacked and they cannot calm down? This plan is going to fail everyone at so many levels. The short sightedness of this plan will have devastating consequences for society.

At this point I am considering quitting my job to become my sonís therapist.

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