Cohen Ramsbottom

Age: 9
Provincial Riding: Simcoe North
Cohen was diagnosed at the age of three with autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder. Hes non verbal and started ABA 7months ago with a vocabulary of 15 words. Currently with 20 hours of therapy hes using sentences and demands. School is half days because of ABA, at the end of May Cohen will be forced back into a school system that is truly not ready to teach him. He receives one on one support from a fantastic EA due to his massive needs and his constant wandering. My school has actually physically lost cohen and had to preform a search for him. This wasn't the first time. Last summer cohen went missing at a family members home and the OPP was called to assist and locating him.
This new ontario autism program is flawed in so.many areas not only for my sons ever growing needs, but in a MUCH larger perspective. I have no idea how i am going to explain to cohen the therapy he waited 6 years for will be done . We havent even begun to scratch the surface of his needs and potential. Hes a suoer intelligent boy, he takes so much pride in all his accomplishments. We've seen such amazing progress. Its heart breaking to know hes just a number to ontario. That its easier to make him system dependant than
Cohen's computer skills, his building skills and problem solving skills alone show his ability to learn and thrive if given the chances his peers have. But without ABA his ability to attend school, to be among his peers and to self regulate will not allow him to thrive and will leave him behind. Hes a sweet boy, who loves others and cats. Hes always looking to share his interest like music and numbers- he needs more support then we can afford l. How can we be made to choose between housing/food and our children? How can Cohen be the best Cohen without support?

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