Windsor West

Sachin Naidoo - 7 years old

My son was officially diagnosed at age 6 years, it was a one year wait with childrens first to get the assessment. He had just started grade 1 at age 5 and was struggling in the first 2 months, refusing to speak or interact with anyone in the class, prompting a referral. He was with childrens first since age 2 for delays in speech and socialization but discharged abruptly at age 4 years because it was now the schools responsibility but there was no follow through. Once he was diagnosed, he was referred to Thames valley and i ...

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Caleb and Connor

It has been a long journey to get here on the road of wait and see, as a parent, you just know when something isnít right, I knew instantly but it took the road of professionals awhile to catch up. Caleb is seven, a smart and gifted boy, who has only been walking and talking for three years but you would never know it. His mind runs in overdrive even when his body fails him. Caleb has been sick for most of his life, i write this from the side of his hospital bed as he fights another infection. The ...

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Adyson - 7 years old

My daughter Adyson was diagnosed as moderately autistic at the age of two years and eight months. She recieved approximately nine months of full time ABA therapy when she was three and a half years old. Before the intensive therapy intervention, Addy had violent outbursts that include uncontrollable crying and self injurous behavior. She was completely non verbal and would become extremely frustrated when we couldn't identify her needs in a timely manner. She was not potty trained and had little to no communication skills. During therapy we watched our little girl evolve from the shell she had been in. She ...

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