Vaughan - Woodbridge

Ava - 3 years old

Ava is my 7th child and only special needs child. Ava was born 4 weeks early and right from birth we noticed she seem to get viruses and other things faster and held them longer than our other children. At 21 months she she was behind in developing speaking only about 10 words but we weren't that worried because some kids just talk later. Ava ended up with pneumonia after getting croup off her older sister it ended up being double pneumonia and she was admitted into hospital on oxygen for 6 days I stayed with her the whole ...

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Nikita Naryzhny - 7 years old

I am writing hoping that the my voice and voices of other desperate parents will be heard. My youngest son is on the Autism spectrum, level 2. He has been diagnosed 3 years ago and was on the wait list for AOP. We got a call for funds approval last year. In just one year of full time ABA therapy he went from not able to request to requesting, asking questions and being more engaged with his environment. With funds our family was able to take a big breath and plan for the future where we did not loose the ...

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MAXIM - 8 years old

This is my son Maxim. Maxim was just over three when he was diagnosed with A.S.D otherwise known as Autism. I remember it like yesterday. It was Valentine’s Day and hearing those words was a gut punch to the stomach. I cried for months and months at the loss of all my dreams I had for him. He was three and couldn’t speak. Loud noises and certain places caused him to have sever meltdowns. He couldn’t eat solid foods because the textures in most foods would make him vomit. We were lost ...

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Freddy Santini - 25 years old

My son Freddy is 25 yrs. old. He began a program at the age of 4. At the the time Freddy was not able to sit at a desk and do any tasks that were simple. In fact, he would pull the facilitator’s hair and was difficult. With each day, week that passed Freddy was becoming more tolerant and able to perform tasks that was being taught through ABA This program was taken place at home as there weren’t many “autism schools” in place. Also, there was no funding whatsoever. When he started at a Centre based program ...

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Freddy - 25 years old

My wife and I were 2 of the plaintiffs that sued and started to funding program back in 98/99. Our son was already 6 at the time. The funding program cut children off at the age of 6. My son revived no funding. Parents who had children reaching 6 and fearing losing funding then pressured the govt to maintain the funds and succeeded Despite no funding we put our son through an intensive IBI centre based program at significant cost to us. Unfortunately by the time he was 13 we took him out because we couldn’t afford it. ...

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Alessio - 6 years old

Alessio is 6 years old. He was diagnosed as moderate to severe at 3 and a half. We were blessed to receive funding that enables us to provide him with ABA/IBI speech..because we have had funding...we are able to also try other therapies out of pocket because we have funding. MY BABY was diagnosed his first day of JK...imagine the emotional roller coaster we were on. BECAUSE of the therapy he son is now verbal, .he now maintains full eye contact and is now starting to learn to read and write..he engage..he is ...

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