Toronto - Danforth

F.W. - 10 years old

Here is our story: Our family is fairly "new" to the autism community. Our son, now almost 11, was diagnosed very shortly after his 9th birthday and exactly 4 days before we boarded a plane to Europe for a half a year stay. We as parents knew "something" was different early on and especially after entering the school system it was evident. He had mostly social troubles in kindergarten/school and was definitely not "part of the class", hiding under tables, sometimes getting aggressiv, not talking, seeking to be left alone. At age 5, after seeing a professional and being ...

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Arshaan - 2 years old

This is the story of a young, first generation immigrant family who came to Canada with lots of hope for a better future. Over the past two decades, our family (all engineers working in the tech industry) has contributed a significant amount of our life and experience to building better academic practices, supporting young engineers and promoting Canada in the global stage at every opportunity. And here is our autism story: Our son was diagnosed with Autism level two at the age of two. The first days after the diagnosis were one of the worst times in our lives. The hours ...

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Mellow - 9 years old

This is Mellow. He is 9 years old. He has severe autism. Mellow is non vocal. This lucky boy had access to service through the OAP at the age of four until the age of six and made tremendous improvements. Due to the funding structure at the time Mellow was discharged into the school system without making as much progress as he could have. Once Mellow was discharged into the school system he lost many of the skills he had gained through lack of support and maintenance. Mellow remains in a community classroom with a hardworking teacher and EA. He ...

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