Jase Darby - 6 years old

Our son Jase has been receiving IBI since October 2017. Prior to behaviour therapy, we have participated in any learning opportunities to assist Jase to communicate and comprehend the world around him. We even delayed his Jk school year because he didnít have any washroom skills, communication was extremely limited and he didnít have the ability to understand what the teacher was presenting in learning. I have had to forfeit my career to be available for anything Jase needed. Upon starting SK in September 2017 .. Jase would attend school full time but it came with a lot of difficulty ...

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Ben - 3 years old

Ben, our 3.5 year old boy who is the sweetest, most caring and funny little human. Heís bright, quirky and eager. His daily determination to explore life is absolutely captivating. His extreme love for all of us and his sister is without a doubt undeniable. Once he ď lets you inĒ and trusts you, youíve made a friend for life. His NP started noticing traits just shy of his 2nd birthday. A devastating discovery, left me anxious and depressed for 12 months. Ben has a significant speech delay but is extremely resourceful communicating in other forms. Skip forward to 1 year after ...

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