Thunder Bay - Superior North

Marc - 11 years old

I am the mother of three wonderful children on the Autism spectrum. They are 9, 11 and 14. I struggle to summarize "my story" in this short excerpt, as I have been an autism mom for over a decade and every day brings a new story and a new challenge. I cannot begin to capture all that this journey has encompassed, but here is an ever so small peak into our world. My eleven year old is the most impacted. We have spent years in various therapies. He has required assistance with gross and fine motor ...

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Emerson - 6 years old

This sweet boy is Emerson, we currently receive services through OAP. Emerson started OAP March of 2018, he was not potty trained and was nonverbal with zero social skills. OAP has given Emerson a voice he can now ask for things he needs and wants, He can not hold a conversation and that was things we were working on but now that will be taken away. OAP therapy has potty trained Emerson both day and night!! Emerson has made huge progress but also still has a long way to go, please donít remove this from him as the 3500 ...

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