Stormont - Dundas - South Glengarry

Zoey - 4 years old

Zoey was diagnosed at 2 years, 7 months with severe autism and global developmental delay. She is four years old now and has the most contagious smile! She can light up a room with her laughter. Despite her inability to talk, she has learned to express herself by showing us what she needs or wants. This was not always the case. We spent many days, long nights and hours trying to work through melt-downs because she was unable to communicate with us. She is an affectionate and happy little girl with so much to offer. We work with her and ...

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Xxavier - 5 years old

Xavier was diagnosed on his third birthday. It took us one year to get the help and documentation we needed going through CHEO. We had an amazing doctor who was extremely thoroughly. It took time, but eventually we made our way to the genetics department and confirmed that Both Xavier and I have a genetic abnormality called P-Ten. To my knowledge, we are the only family in SDG counties with this. What it means is that Both of us have the ability to grow cancerous and non cancerous tumors, which now means for the rest of our lives ...

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