St. Catharines

Davin - 9 years old

Davin is loving, caring and compassionate towards his family, friends and animals. Davin has a little sister whom he loves with all of his heart. Davin is gifted in math and is a critical thinker. He does not conform, and that's one thing that makes him so unique. Davin's struggles began in JK, before that he presented as neurotypical. He has struggled through school each year and has not received adequate resources to help him to become successful. Davin is able to mask well and this has resulted in him not receiving a diagnosis till close ...

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Nathan - 5 years old

Je m'appelle Nathan et j'ai 5 ans. Ma famille est francophone et j'ai la chance de recevoir des services en français. Il y a deux ans, je ne parlais pas du tout et j'avais l'age développemental d'un enfant de 18 mois. Aujourd'hui, je parle , je communique et avec un peu de soutien, je suis capable de suivre mes amis de maternelle-jardin en classe. En septembre, je serai à l’école a temps plein et je ne sais pas encore si j'aurai du soutien en salle de classe. Mes parents sont inquiets car ils ne pensent pas que je ...

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Elliot Hunt - 5 years old

Open Letter to Lisa MacLeod, Doug Ford and Lisa Thompson: You don’t know me. And why would you. My life is inconsequential compared to your lives. We don’t have the same friends. We don’t have the same interests. We don’t live in the same city. However your choices within your job descriptions, are GREATLY affecting my life. Greatly affecting my child’s life. Your declarations and new programs don’t affect your daily lives. They don’t affect your children’s lives. Yet you are directly affecting thousands of families alike. All of you have single handedly, ripped away the potential of my son receiving an additional ...

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Kye - 3 years old

I am a young single and currently pregnant mother of a recently diagnosed ASD child who also suffers from severe developmental delay and intellectual disability. We waited a very long time already to get this diagnosis and finally once I got the paperwork i thought we could finally get some help. But, now he is again wait listed and it breaks my heart because I dont know if he will ever talk. I cannot Express it enough how critical it is children especially this young receive the help they need, when they are young their brains are sponges, they ...

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Jax - 3 years old

Jax is 3. He is the youngest of our family of 4. He has a big brother who cant wait for his little brother to say his first words. While an autism diagnoses is hard there was always a little bit of hope that in time and regardless of his age he would get the therapy he needs to thrive and make the milestones that he hasn't achieved yet. Now that hope is crushed and im in panic mode wondering how I can afford this therapy for my son. This government has taken away the chance for my son to ...

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