Simcoe North

Stephen - 9 years old

Stephen was diagnosed later than usual at 6 years old when he began struggling more and more at school. The school would deem his behaviour as abnormal and more defiant than the rest. I knew he wasn’t just a bad kid so after months of fighting for a paediatrician, Stephen was finally given the ASD diagnosis. Once he received the diagnosis I had hopes that more support would become available for him. Little did I know I was to be put on a waiting list for services. Once the new OAP program opened up we were blessed with a worker ...

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Kaiden Newell-Martin - 3 years old

This little busy guy is 3 years old. He is verbal but he is moving unless he is sleeping or sick. And I fought to get his diagnosis after being blown off my are developmental pediatrician and our regular pediatrician... We had to go out of Simcoe county to get a diagnosis. He is currently finally taking at his age range after 2 years of speech. And now we are trying to get him back to ot. We will lose whatever services we would have been getting as we are an low-income family and no benefits. As I ...

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Grace Coulter - 15 years old

My daughter was able to receive IBI therapy from the age of 3 - 6 years old. She had 20 hours of one on one therapy in our home each week. Her therapist taught her how to sit at a table and work on a task, how to communicate, go to the washroom, dress herself, how to go out in a public places such as grocery shopping (and be able to handle all of the sensory overload), reading and writing and every other skill that you and I may take for granted because it comes so naturally to us. It ...

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Cohen Ramsbottom - 9 years old

Cohen was diagnosed at the age of three with autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder. Hes non verbal and started ABA 7months ago with a vocabulary of 15 words. Currently with 20 hours of therapy hes using sentences and demands. School is half days because of ABA, at the end of May Cohen will be forced back into a school system that is truly not ready to teach him. He receives one on one support from a fantastic EA due to his massive needs and his constant wandering. My school has actually physically lost cohen and had to ...

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