Simcoe - Grey

Owen - 9 years old

Owen spent 4 years on the waiting list before he began service starting at age 6 he was completely nonverbal, 3 years in the service heís talking up a storm but still needs assistance with behaviour issues and regulation of energy and emotions. Currently receiving funding for 20 hours a week he is gaining so much every week. With the level of care that the government is implementing I do not expect to receive any funding and we donít know what to expect in regards to his progress we donít know if heís going to regress. In addition to this ...

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Jaymes - 12 years old

My child was initially diagnosed in early 2013 by his pediatrician at the age of 7. He missed out on the early intervention because he was diagnosed later than most children. He is a very smart child with a very special relationship with animals. During his first 4 yrs at school, he was bullied but was always the one being blamed for the bullying. His first elementary school in Simcoe County actually brought his dad and me into a meeting with the Principal and they threatened to suspend him for bullying older students that were actually ...

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