Ottawa - Vanier

Jad - 6 years old

My son Jad was diagnosed with ASD in October 2016 where he was 4 years old, and I remember how devastated I was when I received the diagnosis. I was unsure where to even begin from research to looking for support and services for my child. Jad struggled with every day interaction including speech, social play, safety, and certain sensory issues. When we were informed that we can immediately access support services including IBI and ABA therapy services, we were thrilled to be able to finally help our son. As the time went by, week after week, and month after ...

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Nels - 7 years old

Our first born Nels was mostly non verbal when he was finally diagnosed at 4 ...We couldn’t risk waiting longer for provincially funded ABA therapy. We got a line of credit, got help from family and friends and my partner worked 3 extra jobs to bring in more money because therapy is extremely expensive (over $2000 for 9 hours a week). We changed our diet, went all in with PECS and sign language. We started seeing a difference after about 4 months. He was always sweet, gentle, creative and sociable with his buddies, but is now, at 7.5, a total ...

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