Niagara Centre

Oliver - 4 years old

My beautiful boy is my rainbow child. I could not have wanted anything more then this little person in my life. Was a rough delivery, but he eventually came into our world. Over joyed, we are in love. The months passed and he would hit his milestones, but at 1 he stopped making sounds. By 18 months had no words and cried for hours. Plus, abdominal pains for his entire life. We consulted doctors, community social workers, speech referrals. Received assessment after assessment until we were referred to a pediatrician a year later. He was diagnosed with autism. Unsurprised as ...

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Brayden - 8 years old

My name is Brayden. I am 8 years old. I was kicked off the IBI waitlist 3 years ago just past my 5th birthday. Although it devastated my family, they fought for me to get me the services I needed. I am non verbal. I am not toilet trained. And although I'm a pretty easy going kid, I do not understand any dangers around me. I cannot perform simple life skills. Since starting IBI 3 years ago, 3-4 full days a week, I have learned to stop on command, I have learned to use a spoon and a fork, I ...

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