Newmarket - Aurora

Justin - 13 years old

My son was diagnosed with autism at 8 years old. This came after being diagnosed with ADHD, an LD and Gifted at 6 years old. Since diagnosis, we have had to learn a lot about autism on our own over the years. Organizations like Kerri's place and their free workshops for parents have been essential in learning about our sons needs. Over the years, my son has had an IEP and caring teachers in his school setting. However, unstructured times like recess and lunch have been hell for him and with no support available ...

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Jamieson - 4 years old

This is our beautiful son Jamieson. He's 4 years old and attends IBI therapy 4 days a week and Junior Kindergarten 1 day a week. Jamieson is lucky to have been born with a best friend, his twin brother, Jacen. With an equal peer by his side at all times, it became apparent around 12 months of age that he was developing differently. Our child who was once making eye contact, smiling at family, and starting to babble suddenly lost these skills. Suddenly he became scared and cried in any public space or other people's homes that we went to. ...

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Luc - 8 years old

My son Luc began this process when he was 5 1/2, it took a long time to have school psychologist make a referral to have him complete a DACS. He was finally diagnosed in May 2017, where at the time we were told the new OAP was in effect and we would have service much quicker with this new system! We are still on a wait list almost 2 years later! I am disheartened for my son who is now 8 1/2 and struggles in school and at home with self regulation and transitions and wait times. We have tried ...

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