Mahnis - 7 years old

Mahnis is a charming young boy who was diagnosed with ASD at age 3. We added him to the waitlist immediately and starting paying for private therapy. He was non-compliant, aggressive, delayed in gross/fine motor, picky eater, and only used single words to communicate. We were doing as much as we could for him on a single income at the time, and it was working. We would wait for the day to get a call from CHEO to say "You're Turn!". But that call never came. Instead in 2016 we got a devastating letter saying that ...

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Molly - 8 years old

Molly is a delightful 8 year old, lover of all things Hello Kitty & budding artist! Please visit her art site here: She was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of 20 months. She started IBI just a few months later through a home program because she was so little! A few years later, after being on a wait list, we moved her IBI to CHEO. She spent a little more than 3 years there and flourished with every passing day. Here, she really showed us she could learn! Her communication started to increase and we started to have ...

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Sarah - 5 years old

Sarah was diagnosed with autism when she was 17 months old. She was not able to communicate with us, and didn't even recognize that language was a thing. We never heard baby babble, and no sweet callings for mama in the night. Her eye contact was non-existent, and she'd be overwhelmed in a grocery store from the sounds. Not only that, but this delay affected the entire family: she was rejected from a centre-based day care at 18 months, when Mom had planned to return to work. With her early diagnosis- which we hired a private clinic to complete - we ...

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Kevin - 5 years old

This is Kevin. Kevin was diagnosed with high functioning autism in May 2018, shortly after he turned 4. There was a time when my beautiful little boy barely spoke, would get so angry if you even tried to engage him by calling his name or asking him a question. Noises, sounds, and smells would set him off into a total fight or flight meltdown. One short museum outing would take him two days to recover from because he was just so over stimulated. He would hit himself when he was having a hard time and couldnít express himself. There were ...

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Charlotte Monaghan - 3 years old

Charlotte, age 3 was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and a developmental delay at 22 months. Her older brother Jack has severe ASD, so we recognized some tell-tale symptoms when Charlotte was around 16 months old. Once diagnosed in July 2017, she immediately began a small amount of ABA therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Our family could not afford much, as we were already paying $4K for her older brotherís therapy. Charlotte participated in the QuickStart Early Intervention program in Ottawa, and soon after was able to increase her hours as a dear family member recognized our great need ...

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Jack Monaghan - 5 years old

Jack was diagnosed with severe ASD and a developmental delay in August 2016. Our family began to fund 15 hours/wk of private ABA therapy for Jack in October 2016. The difference in him was immediate, and the support we received from our therapy centre was unparalleled. Jack waited 20 months for service through the OAP; we managed to squeak through on a technicality in March 2018. Jack has enjoyed nearly a year of full-time therapy. He has learned so much over the past 12 months, but his need will follow him for years to come. Regressions are real. Little boys ...

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