Mississauga - Erin Mills

Jack - 4 years old

Jack is a beautiful, funny and smart 4 year old boy. He is non-verbal with limited communication abilities. He has a restricted diet of foods that you can count on one hand. Jack is not toilet trained and is unable dress himself or achieve any independence of self care. Jack has been on the OAP wait list since he was diagnosed at 18 months old. Jack would have been eligible to receive life changing intensive therapy in November 2018. However, because of the OAP wait list freeze; Jack's spot on the wait list was indefinitely paused. The Conservative Government states ...

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Chris - 6 years old

Chris was diagnosed with Autism Moderate when he was 4.5 years old. We waited for a diagnose assessment for over two years. Getting diagnose was such a bittersweet moment, but he was able to access funding since June 2017 (8K-10K). He has been getting 20 hours a week of intense ABA therapy since November 2017. Chris had elopement issues; we were not able to go to the park or mall without holding his hand because we were afraid that he was going to run away from us. He did not have more than 60 words in his vocabulary and he ...

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