London West

Max - 8 years old

We knew that there was something different about Max by 12 months of age. He started missing milestones and we were struggling to get our voices heard by our Pediatrician as she took the wait and see approach. We were sure by 18 months old that it was likely Autism and we started doing what we could to self refer to audiologists, Speech Language therapy, OT and to get him in for an assessment. We finally received a diagnosis at 3 years of age after ruling everything else out and while we were devastated, we were also relieved to know ...

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Elsbeth Dodman - 30 years old

My name is Elsbeth Dodman. I'm 30 years old and way past the cutoff age of 18. I am not eligible for any services under the new OAP. There are no social opportunities in my area, no supports, no wait-lists to get on because after 18 there is nothing to wait for. I face an 80% unemployment rate (We Have Something to Say, 2016) and despite my skills and post graduate degrees, I am still living below the poverty line. I can't afford a place of my own in town. I am not be able to live fully independently; ...

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Mason - 3 years old

Mason is a beautiful, smart and funny little boy. Almost 6 months ago he was diagnosed as a level 3 on the Autism Spectrum. Every day brings it struggles. Mason was one of the 23,000 children on the waitlist for services. Even though we were waiting, he was not languishing. We had a support team consisting of a speech therapist, occupational therapist, recreational therapist and a social worker all helping us to engage Mason and show us how to best meet his needs. Mason is incredibly bright but he suffers from Sensory Processing Issues that make functioning in a neurotypical environment ...

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