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Alexander - 3 years old

At just over a year old Alexander started banging his head and I thought nothing of it, I mean I googled it and asked other parents and I always got the same answer its a phase he will grow out of it. He became a poocasio (smearing, digging and eating his own feces) and heard again its a phase he will grow out of it. He was saying words and we were so excited! He barely answered to either his name or his nickname and rarely made eye contact but I shrugged it off. He was happy, healthy, active and ...

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Pepper - 4 years old

This is my amazing daughter Pepper. She is one of five children in our family and was diagnosed with severe ASD when she was 2 yrs old. Pepper was on the waitlist for IBI for 2 years and finally got a spot in September 2018. Two years was a long wait but wed rather wait for her to receive support than to not get any at all. She has proven to be a good candidate for IBI and has been thriving. Pepper is non verbal but has been making improvements in her communication since starting IBI. She now knows her ...

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Ferguson - 2 years old

This is Ferguson, he is 2 years old and he has Autism, just like his big brother (5 years old). Autism is a family trait for us. Ferguson's older brother also has Autism. His big brother had a long and arduous journey towards his diagnosis, so when Ferguson started to show the same behavioural patterns as his brother, I knew what I needed to do. Ferguson was lucky. He was also being followed by a pediatrician for other health concerns, so we were able to have her complete assessments and ultimately diagnose him at 22 months old with high functioning autism. ...

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Finnegan - 4 years old

This is Finnegan. He will be 5 this coming April, and he has Autism. Our autism journey has been long, and filled with much frustration. I started to notice "quirks" in Finnegan when he was a small toddler. Things like twirling string around his fingers until it cut off circulation and then falling asleep with it there. He liked to spin in circles, and would hit himself in the head when frustrated. He had a notable language delay, and at 2.5 years old, had no more then 20 words, and those words were almost impossible to understand. A month before his ...

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