Kitchener South - Hespeler

Andrew - 6 years old

Andrew is a bright light. He brings joy to everyone that meets him. He loves playing in the water, and he's as comfortable in a lake as he is in a pool. He likes to jump on anything he can use as a trampoline, including our sofa and his mattress. We have to keep his room free of other furniture because of his love for climbing and jumping. He loves his sister more than anything in the world, and she love him the same. Addy is a fierce protector and an outspoken advocate, winning the praise of adults at the ...

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Jack - 5 years old

Jack is an extremely affectionate kid who loves stuffed animals, books and hugs with his little bro, Aiden. He was diagnosed with autism at age two but his mother realized it much earlier. We were as prepared as we could have been to receive the diagnosis. My wife was actually relieved because the diagnosis allowed us to pursue the treatments she had already been researching. Jack attended junior kindergarten at the Kidsability school in Waterloo while having IBI therapy, later ABA, in the morning and on Saturdays. He seemed to enjoy school though playing with other kids was not of much ...

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