Kitchener Centre

Connor - 6 years old

He was diagnosed with ASD in October 16th of 2016. He has been waiting for services from the OAP since December of 2016. While the waiting was difficult I knew that when his time came up he would get the intensity/duration of services based on his need. On February 6th, 2019 that hope was ripped away. I feel like I have been thrown off a cliff. My child is considered high functioning; he is fully verbal and has no cognitive deficits. Despite the fact that he can read two grades above his grade level and can whiz around a math ...

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Lucas - 8 years old

Lucas was diagnosed when he was 4 1/2 just as he started public school. He is diagnosed between a level 1 and 2. He has been on he wait list ever since until a month ago. He is receiving 16 hrs of private ABA therapy. I chose to pull him out of school two days a week because the school board has not been able to give him the supports he needs. The current EA in the classroom is just too busy with kids who have higher needs. My son will continue to fall behind in the education system. And at $15,000 ...

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Brooklyn - 5 years old

My daughter was diagnosed with autism just before she turned three. She is considered moderate. We waited just over 1 yr for the diagnosis. She started in IBI therapy at kidsability in Dec 2016. She has been these ever since, recieving 22hrs of therapy. The gains have been amazing. She went from a few words to talking and holding conversations. She is now toilet trained, has learned how to play with others and play in general (she used to be very rigid and just lined up toys) she has learned how to deal with any changes in her surroundings and ...

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