Kitchener - Conestoga

Kayleigh Stewart - 6 years old

Kayleigh is a six-year-old, intelligent, fun loving, carefree girl. She loves her entire family with all of her heart (and itís a big heart). She extends this love to the trained professionals that provide her with one on one therapy at ABA. She, as all people do, get along with some people better than others but will willingly work with anyone. She loves to run, jump, climb, spin and play as hard as she can. She is just like anyone elseís daughter except she is non verbal. After almost two years of therapy Kayleigh ...

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Ella - 6 years old

Ella is a bright, happy, funny little girl who lights up any room she walks into. Ella was just shy of 3 years old when she was diagnosed. She was only able to say a couple words. Juice, mom, dad, but couldn't talk in sentences and if something was wrong she would cry because she couldn't tell us. It broke my heart because she wanted to communicate with us so bad but didn't know how. She wouldn't make eye contact. She didn't give her sister the light of day. It was as if she was in her own world and ...

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