Hamilton Mountain

Ethan - 8 years old

My son was diagnosed before his second birthday, after fighting with my family Dr for a referral from about 10 months old. As someone who worked with autistic children before his birth his stimming and sensory issues were very obvious from a young age. Even with his early diagnosis we waited over 3 years to get intense therapy. We are one of the lucky families who were able to access I.B.I for 2 and a half years , starting to transition in to full time school last spring. As we transitioned his behaviours escalated and staff at school needed to ...

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Henry Deans - 4 years old

This is Henry, he is a very energetic, fun loving kid who has a heart of gold. In September of 2016 at the age of 2, we had him assessed by a speech language pathologist because he was behind in his language skills. He was referred to a developmental paediatrician, who we saw in January 2017. She diagnosed Henry with Autism. As you can imagine it rocked our world. We were then assessed to see if IBI therapy would be a good fit for Henry. That assessment came in May of 2017 and it was determined that he was ...

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