Hamilton East - Stoney Creek

Logan - 5 years old

This is Logan. He was Diagnosed with non-Verbal ASD at two and a half years old. He was on the waitlist for the OAP program for no more than 3 years. He has seen a development pediatrician and a Speech Pathologist. It has not been an easy ride. Logan has always Head butted or hit himself (also known as SIB) out of frustration every day, to the point of ER visits and requires to wear a helmet to prevent any injuries to his head. Which requires a Behaviour Specialist. Which now, i dont know if or when he will get ...

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Jayla Delsey - 5 years old

My beautiful daughter Jayla was diagnosed when she was 22 months. We paid out of pocket for the first year that she was in therapy. It was hard. We were just about to buy a house and we used the money that we had saved for the down payment. Jayla did well that first year but we knew that she needed more therapy than we could afford. When Jayla started getting funded ibi 5 days a week she made really big gains. Jayla is non-verbal and she uses prologue2go on her iPad to speak. Jayla’s therapist are trained on that ...

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Chase westfall - 6 years old

My son has been fortunate to receive the ABA therapy through the ron joyce children's centre here in Hamilton. After 2 years of hard work and consistency I'm pleased to say we now have a variety of over 50 foods that he will eat! His speech is improving daily. I'm literally crying as I type this. There are no words that can Express the emotion I have when I hear my son say daddy! We are currently working on social skills and I know the fantastic team and staff would have success in this area like the others if there ...

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