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Mason - 11 years old

Hi this is my son Mason. Mason was born at 26 weeks he was given 5 % chance of living over hes 11 years he has many issues including a rare disorder of Emery Dryfuss MD. so Mason was Diagnosed when he was 9 he has been waiting for his number to come up for treatment, under this new plan my son will not get any help. Please re think this plan the future of our kids count on treatment.

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Braeden Lynes - 8 years old

My son was diagnosed with ASD in October 2017. He has a rare disease, which made the diagnosis later in life. We were so focused in fighting for his life, that ASD, was not something on our radar yet. Now we sit on the waitlist for services. He struggles at school, just sits and draws. He is 1 or 2 grade levels below his classmates. He is aggressive and his go to is either hitting, throwing something(maybe a chair, or whatever), and running. He only eats a select few things, I can count on both hands. He requires assistance with ...

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Hunter - 6 years old

I want to introduce you to my wonderful son Hunter. Hunter is six years old and has a twin sister named Savannah. Hunter is kind, caring and amazing with numbers. He loves other children but struggles to communicate with them. Any time another child comes up to Hunter, he will get this giddy little smirk on his face because he is so excited that someone other than his siblings wants to play; however, this is where that play stops. Hunter is unable to introduce himself unless prompted; he is just learning to ask friends to come and play with him. ...

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Kellen - 7 years old

This is Kellen. He is 7 years old. He has a wicked sense of humour, he loves to spend time with his little sister. He is gentle and loving. He has never spoken a word, he is 100% dependent on his iPad to communicate. He did 20 hours a week of intensive therapy over almost 2 years, but still he has no sense of danger, he can't do much without supervision. He is back on the waitlist for more therapy. That's ok. Waiting for quality service that will actually work with his needs is better than pennies that will not ...

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'Ducky' - 6 years old

Ducky is a wonderful, gentle, and emotional child. He is full of energy and never stops bouncing around! 1 year ago- he was completely non-verbal, and completely non toilet trained. Today? Today he asks for “dwink” and “open” and repeats many more words. He repeats “I wuvvvyu” at bedtime. And he uses the toilet—-more often than not—-. All of this, is thanks to intensive ABA therapy. When we enrolled him for JK in 2017, we had our early intake meeting. At that meeting we were told he would receive 1:1, or 1:2 support. NO LESS. When we arrived in September ...

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