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Max - 6 years old

This is Max, he is almost 6 years old and was diagnosed just after his 3rd birthday. He was your "typical" kid reaching all milestones until he was roughly 15 months old. Then we noticed that he had lost the few words that he was able to say, he stopped responding to his name, we started to see things like jumping and arm flapping when he was excited and happy, he would have numerous meltdowns, he became aggressive towards others, and he had become very picky eater (and still is, the sight and smell of food makes him ...

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Gabriel Muller - 6 years old

This is my second oldest son Gabriel Gabriel will be 7 in June and is not toilet trained, does not speak at all, has self harm issues and is currently in grade 1 at the same school as his three other brothers. Gabriel was diagnosed at the age of 2.5 years old after a long back and fourth of do we or don't we , as he was late in every milestone, did not play with toys correct(still doesn't), had no eye contact, no communication etc. Gabriel has NEVER received IBI as he was to "old" once his name came to the top ...

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Alex - 10 years old

This is Alex. Alex is ten years old, he is non-verbal and has severe autism. Alex was diagnosed at two years old and has waited six years of his life on waitlists for therapy. Alex suffers from digestive issues and seasonal asthma that he canít communicate, he knows no danger and canít be left alone (even in bedroom) unless he is sleeping. He requires 1:1 at school and in therapy. He received service once before the changes to the Autism Program in 2016 and has now been in service for eight months. During this short time he has learned ...

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