Haldimand - Norfolk

Owen - 3 years old

This is Owen. He is a very happy 3.5 year old. He loves jumping (on the couch, bed, trampoline etc), running, swimming, cuddles, climbing, and Paw Patrol. At 2 years old we noticed our previously talkative boy had begun to stop using new words and by 2.5 had regressed to using less than 5 words from 75. Owen had a hearing assessment and it was there that we were first asked if there were any developmental concerns. Up until that assessment it appeared to us that Owen had been fairly on par with his peers, however this made us realize ...

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Aiden - 2 years old

my Grandson was due to start therapy last December, we waited and waited and no one contacted us on his start date then of coarse the news came out and and we were left with the realization that there would be no therapy. Being such a young fellow this is when it would do him the most good, so what do we do? We decided to remortgage the house, what else could we do. We have two other children one is also special needs, we are not rich people we might be able to do one year of IBI which ...

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Guy - 7 years old

Guy is a funny and loving 7 year old boy. His absolute passion are trains and building blocks. He was diagnosed at the age of 3.5, he wasn't talking and he was doing things that were unusual for his age. Eye contact was limited and he was very sensitive to loud sounds. He could of been diagnosed at a younger age but his family doctor, even after me voicing my concerns, kept telling me that Einstein didn't start talking until he was 5. I had to get a diagnose in a different country, come back with the diagnose so he ...

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Quinn and Noah Somerton

Quinn is 6yrs old and is currently receiving services. He has been in IBI therapy in our home for the last 18 months. Our journey began at 18 months old in March 2014 when we started speech therapy and were waitlisted for a diagnosis for 1 yr. At 27 months old in February 2015 we received a diagnosis of Globalized Developmental Delay. Relieved we didn't get an ASD diagnosis we tried speech for 8 more months. With meltdowns every session and no noticeable improvement we started wondering if our diagnosis had been wrong.... We moved to a new city ...

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