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Blake McLean - 5 years old

Our son Blake was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3 1/2. He is a funny loving, energetic little boy. He loves tickles, bike rides, swings, jumping and balls. He can do handstands! He is super agile and is often found climbing on top of things that he shouldn’t. Describing him like this sounds like any other little boy, but unfortunately Blake’s life is complicated by his severe language disability- not only does he find it difficult to use words, but he is unable to understand a majority of what is being said to him. He can label the ...

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Joey - 5 years old

Our son Joey was diagnosed last Summer (June 2018) but we've known since he was 18-months-old. Joey is a five-years-old with developmental delays in multiple areas - motor skills, communication skills, social skills, emotional regulation/behavioural skills, self-care skills. He also demonstrates, in all settings, patterns of behaviour and developmental delays which are consistent with his diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (level 2) and Sensory Processing Disorder. Joey has been receiving Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy since he was 3, while we were living in Mississauga South. Since we've moved to St Thomas and he's been receiving ...

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Claire - 5 years old

Our daughter Claire was diagnosed with autism at 2 5 years old. We noticed she hadn't been meeting the milestones like her older sister had, and we brought it up to our family doctor. Also we approached Tyke Talk. Thankfully the doctor listened to our concerns and sent us for an autism screening check. There began the series of hurry-up-and-wait appointments. Speech therapy, autism screening check, assessment for diagnosis, waitlisted for occupational therapy, multiple assessments for IBI eligibility, hearing test, assessment for eligibility for an augmentative communication device, and various parental education sessions. It feels like we waited ...

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