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Jeremy - 6 years old

Jeremy is 6.5 years old and he has Autism/ADHD/ODD. He was diagnosed at 3.5 years old and is considered moderate to high functioning. My husband and I cannot afford to pay for private supports. Jeremy, through the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) set by the Liberal government, was entered and grandfathered into the Direct Service Offer. He has had 3 blocks of service with a year in between each session. Each session gave him ABA through a social skills group; a total of 18 hours in each turn. Jeremy needs therapy to learn to self-regulate, learn life skills, transitions, emotional coaching, ...

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Dylan - 5 years old

Dylan is a 5 year old boy who is obsessed with his upcoming birthday! He has requested a black Hiro cake (Thomas and Friends) for the occassion with an actual train on it, the kind with the switch on it to make it go! The only reason he is able to tell us all this is because of ABA therapy. The only reason why I am able to have a meaningful conversation with my boy is because of ABA therapy. Although Dylan is about to turn 6, he is not done learning yet! The reckless cuts made to the OAP ...

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