Chatham-Kent - Leamington

Gabby Sanders - 4 years old

My daughter Gabby was diagnosed with moderate-to-severe autism at 27 months. She is also non-verbal and has global developmental delays. We are her voice! As a family, we were proactive in referring her to a speech and language program. When screens identified red flags for autism, our hearts were broken but we pushed through and got her diagnosed, as we knew time was of the essence. We met with an early intervention team and signed up for any programs that were available to us. We listened to our therapists and implemented any strategies that we ...

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Cruz - 9 years old

Cruz has benefited from IBI therapy for over 27 months. He's just transfered from a specialty autism class and is now enrolled full time in our neighbourhood school with his siblings. He is doing very well. Transitions, communication amongst us and professionals has been the main reason for success. But you know what? Despite all this, he still has needs. He still has challenges. He has received gold star treatment and theres still work to be done. All kids with autism should be able to have this. The new plan makes this impossible. We are concerned about supports being ...

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