Michael Nadeau - 12 years old

Our son Michael is a smart, funny, loving (loves to cuddle), very tech savvy 12 year old boy. He loves video games, YouTube, the weather, sports highlights of any kind and has a fascination with hydro towers. We think that comes from having all our family a two hour drive from home and driving regularly to see them when he was very young. Maybe, we are not really sure. Michael thrives on routine. Michael was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of four. During our first parent teacher day during Junior Kindergarten, his teacher raised ...

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Kyla - 17 years old

This is my daughter Kyla. She was diagnosed at age 3 1/2. After an almost 2 year wait she finally started to receive IBI therapy. Before the therapy Kyla couldn't feed herself, dress herself, use the washroom and never said a word. She received therapy at home 3 days a week and attended school the other 2. She excelled in the therapy and flew through the program and after almost 2 years she was speaking (usually random lines from movies but we were more then ok with that), feeding herself, dressing herself (mostly) and had started to use the washroom on ...

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Oliver - 6 years old

This is Oliver. He just turned 6. He has had needs-based, high-quality ABA therapy for almost two years and he is finally just starting to learn to speak and communicate with a program called LAMP on an iPad. His therapy team has helped him begin to learn how to use the bathroom, how to respond to his name, and follow directions, and he is learning the skills he requires to eventually learn in a classroom environment. He is learning how to engage with others, and you can see how relieved he is beginning to feel when ...

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