Scott - 5 years old

Our 5 year old sings us songs. They are made up of more words than we ever hear him string together in speech. He does not tell stories, he does not give long explanations and answers to questions…yet. He is a little man with Autism Spectrum Disorder who along with other challenges has difficulty getting all the words and thoughts out of his beautiful mind. When Scott was around 20 months old, I knew he didn’t have his 20 words yet. It was a benchmark that he was supposed to have surpassed by around 18 months. “Not a problem,” I thought. “I’ll ...

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Emeka Anosike - 6 years old

I would love others to know about our amazing & highly intelligent & full of joy 6 year old son who is days away from his 7th Birthday. His name is Emeka & he is truly awesome & an answer to prayer. He is like all other children & lives his life to its fullest. He loves his family, learning, technology, the outdoors so many things. Oh yeah he also struggles everyday with ASD terrible grasp on his life. He is & will continue to accept the task of a constant battle against this terrible monster of Autism. ...

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