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Reign - 4 years old

My daughter Reign is 4 years old. She was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in july of 2017. Weíve been very fortunate that her issues seem limited to communication and fine motor skills with very few serious behavioural issues.. but we still struggle every day.. she struggles to communicate her needs and we struggle to understand her.. we struggle with unhealthy and inappropriate behaviours that we canít correct because she canít understand. Something as simple as potty training has taken us nearly a year with almost ZERO real progress. Because we donít have the knowledge or skills to make her ...

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Connor McCarthy - 7 years old

Connor is currently receiving services and he is in his third year. Connor was diagnosed with Autism before his second birthday. My husband and I have a background in working with adults who have special needs. Given our background, we knew where to begin. We approached our family Doctor who was extremely supportive. He ...

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