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Jreyk Henderson - 4 years old

Jreyk was diagnosed with Autism at 2.5 years old. Evidence based research shows that early intervention is important in a childís development. We immediately started private ABA, Speech and Occupational Therapy. We made financial sacrifices to invest in our childís future, with the assumption that in the 12-18 months we were told we would we have to wait, that our son would receive services under the Ontario Autism Program. The waitlist was frozen and two years have come and gone. Our son is thriving in therapy, so even though we canít afford to keep him in service, we know we ...

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Troy Xavier Hill - 4 years old

Troy was born January 14th 2015, at the age of one Troy was talking with 10 words in his vocabulary. At 18 months Troy was non- verbal, at 2 years old Troy had tubes but in his ears in hopes his speech would come back. Unfortunately it hasnít and Troy have a total of 5 words in his vocabulary at the age of 4. In August 2017 after troys surgery we went to a paediatricians office and met with 4 other specialists that day. That is the day we found out Troy has level 3 autism spectrum disorder. Troy ...

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Michael Brett Thompson - 7 years old

My Son Michael aka Mikey is a friendly well behaved child, he has received awards at school for things such as Courage, Honesty and Inclusiveness. Mikey is one of many on the waitlist for service and I am a single working mother doing my best. Mikey was diagnosed with high fuctioning autism moderate or level 2 impairment in 2014. My majior concern for Mikey is he is in a grade 2 classroom at a kindergarten level and it has caused him to have extreamly low sef esteem, socially and academically. My fears for his future are real, he is in ...

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