Barrie - Innisfil

Harlow - 3 years old

Harlow seemed typically developing until around the age of one. Her gross motor skills are excellent and so any other delays didn't seem to be a big deal. She was chewing on and eating some strange things though and that led me to ask our family doctor about it and we ended up seeing a paediatrician. It was clear from that point on that we were headed to some form of diagnosis. Harlow as diagnosed with Autism Level 2, two days after her second birthday. This was in May of 2017, the month before the new OAP ...

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Serenity 8 years old Joshua 21 years old

My son Joshua is now 21 years old and has never recieved funding for his therapy. He was diagnosed at 5 years and 8mths and with the mcguinty government cut off was 6. When the cut off was lifted he went for an assessment and was told he was to high functioning to recieve any funding. He had a full meltdown in the room and the assistant who did the review spoke to him once. He will now never know his full potential. He finishes school this June and we canít afford day programs he is on the waitlist for ...

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O- - 4 years old

O is 4 years old and level 2 asd. He was awaiting therapy and on the wait list. He is in FT JK and while we are lucky he is in a school with amazing and supportive staff, he still gets sent home for violent behaviours and our phones ring often. He is sweet and sensitive but just as quickly he can be set off and not know where to put his frustrations. We canít figure out what sets him off, he struggles with happy to angry in minutes. But he is funny, and silly, and he has made great ...

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D. - 6 years old

My son is 6. Diagnosed severe. Non-verbal. To even go through all his needs and challenges would fill the whole page. He currently receives 28 hours/week of IBI. Heís only 6. Somehow 6 is drastically less capable of learning than age 5, in the eyes of the government. Heís super smart, he just needs to be taught the right way to receive the information. The right way for him is IBI. They can teach him, manage his behaviours and maybe one day my son will speak. His IBI team are our heroes. Iím scared of whatís to come without it.. ...

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Joshua and Serenity

These are my children. Joshua and Serenity. Joshua (21) is in his final year of school. After June there is nothing. What this lack of structure and support will do is unclear. History tells us it will not be good for him. He aged out of consideration for therapy under the McGuinty government and the therapy he received was not properly overseen by a qualified clinician. Despite our best intentions at a cost of 20k/year out of pocket for 6 years his receipt of sub-clinical therapy only did him a disservice. This is the fate of all those children being abandoned ...

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