Algoma - Manitoulin

Taiten - 5 years old

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I am here to tell you a little about this amazing little boy we named Taiten or “T A I T E N” as he spells loud & proud. He is a happy, curious, busy, 5yr old who has many passions. Our Autism journey began at a Pediatrician’s appointment with the wonderful Dr. M in October of 2014 (Taiten was 15months old) with a check up on a possible leg length discrepancy. During this appointment the typical milestone questions arose and based on my responses realized that we were falling a bit behind. We left ...

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Marshall - 4 years old

Marshall is a vibrant, happy, rambunctious human-being, my best friend and the future of the province and country. Marshall is 4 years old, living in a rural, isolated community - 400kms away, from both, Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie. Marshall was diagnosed 1 year ago with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder, an Intellectual Disability, PICA, a petit-mal seizure disorder, considered non-verbal and a major flight risk - we were currently waiting for the OAP. While waiting for this program and funding, we had quite the variety of opportunities through OT, PT, SLP and Psychology. What have I had to do as a ...

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Jackson - 3 years old

.Jackson is 3 and loves cars and building things. He is curious and loves to learn. He is stubborn and determined. He’s happy and creative. He is loving and affectionate and gives the best bear hugs. Jackson’s was a normal, healthy pregnancy, born ten days early. He seemed to develop normally for the first year except for sitting a bit late. He walked at 13 months and was off running shortly after. He seemed to be a little bit picky about food but had a varied healthy diet. He was content ...

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nieces and nephews

When my nephew was first diagnosed with autism, I was scared. We live in a rural area, how was he going to access services? How would we get people properly trained in dealing with autism in a rural area. I cant imagine the questions facing the parents of children with autism. I was just an aunt and it felt overwhelming to me. Having schooling in child psychology and having a child who was neuro diverse, I decided to take the hard path. I decided to go back to school and get certified in ABA. I wanted to make sure that ...

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