Benjamin - 6 years old

This is our beautiful boy, Benjamin, who was diagnosed with mild to moderate autism at three and a half years old when I was 20 weeks pregnant with his little sister. He is currently in Senior Kindergarten, and loves cars, reading Dog Man books, singing, karate, and playing soccer with his friends. He came off the waitlist one year and two months after diagnosis and began direct service ABA in October 2017. His biggest struggles have been in self-regulation and social interaction. Direct service has given us the chance to learn about different techniques and methods, and given Benjamin many ...

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Frankie - 6 years old

This is Frankie. He is six years old, developmentally delayed and non-verbal with autism. He has been in therapy for over a year now. He has become a brand new person in this time. One who understands what is being told, following directions, learning how to take/put on his clothes and shoes on his own, brush his hair and teeth, learning how to use the toilet, actually starting to play with toys because he is understanding more each and every single day. No matter how many materials I read, or YouTube channels I watch to teach myself how to provide ...

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Sophie Osoblyvets - 4 years old

Hello! This beautiful lady is Sophie Osoblyvets. Sophie is 4 years old. In November 2016 Sophie was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and she was placed on the wait list for government funded therapy. Sophie is non-verbal and requires intensive behavior therapy. Sophie has been on the wait list for 2.5 years, but we always had hope that as soon as she gets in service, she will realize her full potential and learn to do many important things in life. With the announcement on Feb 6, 2019 about the changes to the Ontario Autism Programs, that hope has vanished into ...

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Makayla - 8 years old

I am writing about my daughter Makayla. She has severe Autism and is non verbal. She has been making life changing strides in IBI, which she is now being forced to leave because of the new Autism plan. She needs more therapy than your government is going to provide. Please help us. These children are going to grow into adults that will need more support than ever because of what this government is doing.

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Justin - 7 years old

Our son Justin was diagnosed with moderate to severe Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 3 years. Justin was non verbal, still in diapers, had minimal eye contact, very poor gross and fine motor skills, played inappropriately with his peers and toys. Justin was not able to feed or dress himself, he was completely dependent on others for basic day to day tasks. By the grace of God Justin was granted access to funding for critical IBI/ABA therapy from the government thru the OAP. Justin initially began at 40 hours of intensive treatment, closely and lovingly ...

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