Troy Xavier Hill

Age: 4
Provincial Riding: Barrie - Springwater - Oro-Medonte
Troy was born January 14th 2015, at the age of one Troy was talking with 10 words in his vocabulary. At 18 months Troy was non- verbal, at 2 years old Troy had tubes but in his ears in hopes his speech would come back. Unfortunately it hasnít and Troy have a total of 5 words in his vocabulary at the age of 4. In August 2017 after troys surgery we went to a paediatricians office and met with 4 other specialists that day. That is the day we found out Troy has level 3 autism spectrum disorder. Troy has occupational therapy twice every 6 months and speech and language pathology once every 6 months. Troy also takes melatonin at night to sleep and has aggression 2-3 times a day. Troy is a flight risk and will try to run out into streets if not watched because Troy can not distinguish the difference between dangerous and safe. Troy is not potty trained and not for the lack of trying but for the lack of knowledge. Troy doesnít understand that there is a time you eat and a time you play, he does not sit for meals of gets up frequently to jump. Troy has broken a tv due to over stimulation. A dog cage due to slamming of the door, because he likes to hear the crashing noise, and if I tell him no he grabs my face and scratches my arms.Troy has been on the wait list since August 2017 and yes he is still waiting. With the new plan though Troy will receive $94,000 over the course of 14 years for therapy thatís $18.40 a day. Thatís $128.80 a week, $515.20 a month. Donít you think these kids deserve better then that. Do you think you could live and get the essentials you needed on $515.20 a month. I know I canít. My son may not be able to talk but Iím telling you if he could heíd be asking you to please have a voice for him and pause the plan.

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