Age: 9
Provincial Riding: Simcoe North
Stephen was diagnosed later than usual at 6 years old when he began struggling more and more at school. The school would deem his behaviour as abnormal and more defiant than the rest. I knew he wasnít just a bad kid so after months of fighting for a paediatrician, Stephen was finally given the ASD diagnosis. Once he received the diagnosis I had hopes that more support would become available for him. Little did I know I was to be put on a waiting list for services. Once the new OAP program opened up we were blessed with a worker through Mackenzie Health behaviour services and began aba therapy in school which helped Stephens success in school tremendously! We were making small goals and with the help of our therapist were making huge leaps in managing Stephens behaviours. Knowing that his therapist was just a phone call away for any needs was a God send. After hearing of the changes being made just a few short weeks ago we were told Stephen was to be discharged immediately. I was devastated! Stephen is being left to the school boards team for supports and with cuts to that too I am sure he will be in school less often due to being sent home for his behaviour. These therapists are helping our kids in ways no one else is equipped! It is appalling that the government would make such cuts to services that are so important in special needs services. Iím truly disgusted and heart broken.

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