Silver wabegijig

Age: 5
Provincial Riding: Nipissing
Silver Wabegijig is my 5 yr old little girl with Autism. Silver was diagnosed at the age of 3, after being in speech therapy for a year and a half. From age 15 months to 3.5 yrs she was a wild child. We called her hurricane silver, because she was flight risk, had tantrums for 45 minutes, she wouldn't wear clothes, make eye contact, nonverbal (which meant she cried and screamed a lot) she wouldnt let you brush her teeth, she smeared her poop on everything including herself, she got into everything; nothing was safe. Thankfully we were fortunate enough to get enrolled into the Early Denver Start Module as soon as she got her diagnosis at age 3. What a blessing that was. We finally had a behavior therapist who turned out to be her biggest advocate, and made sure to get us on every waitlist possible. Thanks to him, my daughter was able to get into IBI, and got into the AAC program, so she could get an ipad to communicate with us, and is currently on the waitlist for ABA. Now with April 1st fast approaching she has to quickly transition to school. Yes we were one of the fortunate to get IBI for just over a year, but what happens to her if she can't get that ABA services, because i can't afford it. I will always fight for her, but Autism can't be faught on its own. We have teams of people and support for a reason. We are a community who look out for each other, and no one can understand what we go through on a daily basis, unless your one of us. #WeAreThe100Percent

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