Rocco and Roman

Age: 6
Provincial Riding: Durham
Roman and Rocco are six year old twins. After a difficult pregnancy they were born almost two months early.

At two years old they were diagnosed with Autism. We waited 18 months on the wait list for IBI services. They are currently getting 30 hours a week.

Since starting IBI they have grown in ways that I feared might not be possible. They’re more social, they’re communicating with PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), they make eye contact, look when their name is called, follow simple instructions, they can put their pants on and off, they have both said some words and so much more.

They still need another year of full-time IBI, but funding stops as of April 9th. It will cost us over $200,000 to provide another year of IBI for both boys. How can we possibly cover this cost?

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