Age: 8
Provincial Riding: Nepean
Molly is a delightful 8 year old, lover of all things Hello Kitty & budding artist! Please visit her art site here:

She was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of 20 months. She started IBI just a few months later through a home program because she was so little!

A few years later, after being on a wait list, we moved her IBI to CHEO. She spent a little more than 3 years there and flourished with every passing day. Here, she really showed us she could learn! Her communication started to increase and we started to have a little window inside her world.

After her time at CHEO we planned a transition into school (Grade 2) but it was not meant to be. The large noisy class was a huge problem for her due to her sensory issues. Despite best intentions, the school staff were unable to manage escalating behaviors and we had to make a hard stop to her school year in April. It was the most stressful time for the family because we knew she was upset and dissatisfied with having to attend a school she didn't like and didn't understand.

Luckily we were able to transfer her back into full time IBI through the former needs based OAP at CHEO. This was a literal life saver for the entire family. Within 2 weeks she was back at full time therapy, happy, and most importantly with no behaviors.

The past year of IBI has been life changing for Molly. Her ability to learn has amazed everyone and her communication and social skills have skyrocketed in comparison to before.

Unfortunately her days at this therapy center are numbered. We have to stop there on April 30th due to the recent changes made by the current government in Ontario, specifically by the Ministry of Children and Social Services. Due to her age and family income we will be eligible to receive a very small amount of funding to cover her therapy.

After May 1, we have few options available for Molly to access educational services.

Molly requires either full time IBI or a special autism class (with low ratio adult to students) to be able to learn! The specialized autism classes are all full until September, and even then we have to apply and hope we get selected.

The government claims to have given us options but I strongly disagree.

Thank you for reading about our special girl!

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