Age: 6
Provincial Riding: Haliburton - Kawartha Lakes - Brock
This is Max, he is almost 6 years old and was diagnosed just after his 3rd birthday. He was your "typical" kid reaching all milestones until he was roughly 15 months old. Then we noticed that he had lost the few words that he was able to say, he stopped responding to his name, we started to see things like jumping and arm flapping when he was excited and happy, he would have numerous meltdowns, he became aggressive towards others, and he had become very picky eater (and still is, the sight and smell of food makes him gag). He started ABA therapy about 6 months after his diagnoses and we are seeing such great gains, He can now say a handful of words with guidance and support, he is starting to toilet train but this will be a lengthy progress, meltdowns are less and less, we are able to go out to stores and other outings. All of this is possible because of ABA therapy and without that service and support i am not sure where we will be in a year or two. My son NEEDS ABA Therapy to be as successful as he can be in life and to reach his full potential. Please don't take this opportunity away from my son.

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