Age: 9
Provincial Riding: Pickering - Uxbridge
Our son Matteo was diagnosed with severe non verbal Autism when he was only 26 months old (2 months after his older brother was diagnosed). As concerned and active parents wanting to help our son we put him on the waitlist to recieve IBI right away. He waited 4 years.

Matteo is a very smart and sweet boy that unfortunately has A LOT of challenges he faces daily which impact his happiness and our lives as a family. Matteo is a non compliant boy who has limited language (except for requests) and has aggressive violent behaviours multiple times throughout the day due to not being able to express himself and regulate his emotions. He self harms himself by bitting his arms which has left scars on himself due to frustration. He is a HUGE flight risk and doesn't understand danger. Matteo is also an extreemly picky and limited eatter which impacts his health. He requires 2 to 1 attention at all times in school and in home. Matteo doesn't go anywhere due to his challenging behavour which holds us back as a family to "live life".

IBI can help Matteo and our family to improve to reach his full potential so that our beautiful son can live an independent life and contribute to our world! We are both sad and upset about the changes in the new OAP and worry about Matteo's future, especially after my husband and I pass on.

As a parent and tax payer I believe Matteo and all the other children who need scientific evidence based therapy deserve their time in IBI to learn basic skills so they CAN be successful in a mainstream school.

Our family is blessed to have Matteo in our lives and God has made him our son and brother for a reason. PLEASE let him live peacefully by giving him the tools he needs ?

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