Age: 4
Provincial Riding: Algoma - Manitoulin
Marshall is a vibrant, happy, rambunctious human-being, my best friend and the future of the province and country. Marshall is 4 years old, living in a rural, isolated community - 400kms away, from both, Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie. Marshall was diagnosed 1 year ago with severe
Autism Spectrum Disorder, an Intellectual Disability, PICA, a petit-mal
seizure disorder, considered non-verbal and a major flight risk - we were currently waiting for the OAP. While waiting for this program and funding, we had quite the variety of opportunities through OT, PT, SLP and Psychology.

What have I had to do as a single parent? Well, Iím educated in providing health-care. I devoted years of education. Then, compassion and due diligence when working. I felt proud as a single-parent that I could provide for my child while fulfilling my own personal goals - there was absolute hope for our future.

Over the summer, my child regressed and had zero support. I had no choice but to quit my job. I told my beloved employer, co-workers, patients and myself that this was a temporary-leave. But yet... my dreams are now put to a halt. We just had to give our months notice to a place and our comfort zone, we call 'home'. Forced to move into Municipal Housing. My ODSP application is sent off and I will have NO CHOICE but rely on (another) our social assistance program.

What a ripple effect created by the PC Government and The Ministry of Child, Community Social Services... you have just mastered a job at increasing mental health issues, creating more poverty. You have just created more emotional and mental barriers when it comes to families, relationships, and the well-being of parents within the province of Ontario.

We have been relentless, loud and proven facts. You dismiss the questions, the dismiss the science and you dismiss thousands of people, families, and workers with this plan. You are not for the people, Doug Ford, and PC Party.

"Not one job will be lost" - Doug Ford.

''We will be there to support you 1000%. I promise you won't have to be protesting on the front of Queens Park" - Doug Ford.

Love, We Are The 100 Percent.

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