Kaiden Newell-Martin

Age: 3
Provincial Riding: Simcoe North
This little busy guy is 3 years old. He is verbal but he is moving unless he is sleeping or sick. And I fought to get his diagnosis after being blown off my are developmental pediatrician and our regular pediatrician... We had to go out of Simcoe county to get a diagnosis. He is currently finally taking at his age range after 2 years of speech. And now we are trying to get him back to ot.

We will lose whatever services we would have been getting as we are an low-income family and no benefits. As I work minimum wage job in a small community. He starts school next fall and I'm worried about the transition he is going to experience. Since he is use to going to daycare everyday and not walking to school and meeting new friends.

I've done everything in my power to give him what he needs sensory wise he is a sensory seeker. So weather it be jumping or playing with sand we have it. And pretty strick routine for clothing from comfy pants to normal pants. And he already tries to fit in at daycare doesn't mishave but at the end of the day he lashes out at home because he feels comfortable from holding it in all day.. I just want what is best for my son. So he can become what he wants to be when he gets older

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