Jack Monaghan

Age: 5
Provincial Riding: Nepean
Jack was diagnosed with severe ASD and a developmental delay in August 2016. Our family began to fund 15 hours/wk of private ABA therapy for Jack in October 2016. The difference in him was immediate, and the support we received from our therapy centre was unparalleled. Jack waited 20 months for service through the OAP; we managed to squeak through on a technicality in March 2018. Jack has enjoyed nearly a year of full-time therapy. He has learned so much over the past 12 months, but his need will follow him for years to come. Regressions are real. Little boys grow into strong boys, who grow into stronger young men. Already, we have difficulty controlling our sweet 5 year old boy. He will turn 6 before entering the new OAP and will miss the 20K cut off by 3 weeks. Even then, the Ford government has determined that we can afford to pay for our own therapy. Jack’s budget will be razed from $82K per year, to less than $3K. Enough to support our family for maybe 3 weeks. Where will we turn once that funding runs out. We have already depleted our savings and exhausted our credit paying for private therapy. Jack also has a younger sister, Charlotte, age 3 with an ASD diagnosis, she is still waiting for service. Combined, their ABA bills would EXCEED our yearly household income. Jack is a smart little boy, who is largely non-verbal, requires profound help with personal care. He is a flight risk and is self-injurious. He struggles with sensory issues and is prone to agressive meltdown behaviour. He cannot be left unattended for even a moment; he requires full time 1:1 support in his classroom. Under the current OAP, we feel supported. We enjoy progress. We harbour hope. Minister Lisa MacLeod and Premier Doug ford will strip us of these things on April 1. Refusing to listen, this government will cripple the families in Ontario like ours who were already in crisis long before this devastating OAP announcement. We are the 100 percent, and what this government is proposing is a sin, a shame and an embarrassment to Ontario this country.

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