Age: 5
Provincial Riding: Orléans
My son was diagnosed asd at age 2.5. We immediately entered the waitlist for the oap in September 2016. In June 2017 we had one 7 week block of aba treatment through cheo and then we were returned to the waitlist where we have languished since August 2017. While cheo wouldn’t give me a number, I’m sure we were affected by the freezing of the list this past quarter. My son is now 5 and has 7 weeks of aba treatment despite being diagnosed at age 2.5. We have Had him in private speech therapy now for two years to supplement his suppprt and thanks to the QuickStart programme for autism here in Ottawa we were able to to give jack some early intervention which included speech and OT thanks to a grant from them. I can’t speak highly enough about QuickStart as without them we’d have been lost.
Despite all this, I’m absolutely against the changes to the oap and WOULD RATHER WAIT for service.
The gouging of oap and making it a means based test which doesn’t take into account need, is wrong. This affects all children in Ontario. And combined with the fact that school supports will not be sufficient for children who will no longer be receiving treatment entering the schools means my son will receive even less focus as he is one of the “lucky” ones and is considered high functioning and less requiring of service. TeAchers are not therapists and with class sizes and influx of high needs people, all children suffer.
My little guy has suffered under the current oap but his prognosis under the new oap proposal is dire. Pause the plan

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