Gabriel Muller

Age: 6
Provincial Riding: Haliburton - Kawartha Lakes - Brock
This is my second oldest son Gabriel
Gabriel will be 7 in June and is not toilet trained, does not speak at all, has self harm issues and is currently in grade 1 at the same school as his three other brothers.
Gabriel was diagnosed at the age of 2.5 years old after a long back and fourth of do we or don't we , as he was late in every milestone, did not play with toys correct(still doesn't), had no eye contact, no communication etc.
Gabriel has NEVER received IBI as he was to "old" once his name came to the top of the list and he has only had ABA twice which he has been back on wait lists yet again for years
We use Gabriel's funding for respite as he has four other siblings and we do not get alone time very often, if at all.
With this new OAP Gabriel will lose every chance he has to potentially learn to talk and be actually involved in today's society.
The government is ripping all hope away from our family as we will not be able to afford private therapy for Gabriel which he needs significant intense therapy.
This is not only affecting Gabriel it is affecting our entire family.
Gabriel has an amazing one on one e.a support at school and I'm dead scared that with this new OAP he will lose her and if that is the case I will be pulling Gabriel from school and then beginning homeschooling which does NOT help him with social skills at all!!
The government is making a ridiculously stupid decision and they are NOT for the people they are for THEMSELVES!!!

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